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Cass Design can offer you many e-business solutions to suit your needs. Professionally designed solutions for all kinds of business products..

We will:
* Offer you a complete solution to meet your needs
* Professionally design your product to the standards of your own company
* Provide excellent value for money

Benefits include:
* Online Branding of your Company
* Printing Services
* Advice on set-up of electronic products
* Paper based company branding

Services we offer:
* Business card design and printing
* Letterhead design
* Flyer design
* Newsletter design
* Email footer design
* Logo Design
* Bespoke Database Design and Applications

Are e-business packages are not set price and will differ from company to company depending on your needs.

- Business Card Design
- Letterhead Design

- Email footer design
- Newsletter design (Email Newsletter)

* Please contact us with your requirements for other services

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